Infrared illuminators and IR illuminators for Security and LED Lighting Solutions

Infrared LED Lights-Infrared light for Security Camera

What is Infrared Light?

Infrared Light is not much different from white light. It can simply be defined as a light with a longer wavelength in the near infrared spectrum, hence it is invisible to a human eye.

What are the IR Lights used for?

There are many applications for Infrared Light. For example, they can be used in many industrial, scientific and medical applications. One of the most popular applications is IR illumination for security cameras to aid their performance in low light. The IR lights are also used in many other applications such as in production quality control, tracking technology, and meteorology.

How Night Vision Works with infrared light?

Infrared Lights are widely used for the purpose of Night Vision.
Night vision devices function by amplifying ambient light. Oftentimes, especially in cloudy or overcast nights, there is not enough ambient light for night vision devices to amplify and produce quality images. The IR Illuminators can be used as an artificial light source for night vision devices or cameras.