Infrared illuminators and IR illuminators for Security and LED Lighting Solutions

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If you would like to read some articles about IR Illuminators and IP network cameras written by reputed security industry professionals then click the links below. Compared to traditional CCTV systems, IP cameras offer a multitude of benefits, which is why they are increasing their market share at a rapid rate. However, these cameras have high resolutions, which is why they need more light to produce high quality images over the network.

Axton and Vigitron – Product Application Note 

With the Axton/Vigitron solution, IR light can be placed as far or as close the surveillance scene.

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Lighting for Network Video by AXIS

Lighting Design Guide

When you’re choosing a network camera for either day or night surveillance there are a few things to keep in mind. This guide provides a basic overview of those elements and explains in a simple, straight-forward way how lighting affects image as well as the various factors that need to be taken into consideration while installing the surveillance system.

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Infrared (IR) for IP network video by Bosch

Infrared illumination is usually used for night vision purposes. However, these days its applications are expanding into surprising territory such as bandwidth management. Infrared illumination has bit rate reducing properties, which makes it a growing necessity for upgrading network performance in IP-based security systems. Both storage and bandwidth requirements can be reduced with infrared illumination. The goal of our investigation was to verify and measure the effects of infrared illumination on bandwidth.

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The Mystery of Night Vision 
by Bob Mesnik of Kintronics – IP Network video specialists

Seeing in the Dark
by Bob Mesnik of Kintronics – IP Network video specialists

IP Surveillance Systems compared to CCTV Systems
What’s better?
by Bob Mesnik of Kintronics – IP Network video specialists

Frequently Asked Questions about IP Cameras 
by Bob Mesnik of Kintronics – IP Network video specialists

Video Surveillance: 10 Questions to Ask in Deploying Video Analytics
by Brian Karas

Video Surveillance – Go to the White Light: The cost and operational benefits of LED lighting create a compelling business case for migration
by Ray Bernard, PSP, CHS-III

 Video Surveillance:Shedding light on the use of Infrared for IP Application Note: The benefits of using infrared illumination in a modern surveillance environment
by Bosch Security Systems, Inc

Using infrared to manage IP video bandwidth IR illumination can helps reduce image noise, cutting bandwidth and storage needs
By Hamish Dobson and Willem Ryan

7 Outdoor Perimeter Protection Pitfalls – Security professionals offer their advice on how to avoid learning lessons the hard way.
by Joan Engebretson